Leatherman Curl Inspired by the Leatherman Wave Plus, this multi-tool brings most of the same functions in a more compact and affordable package.

No, the Leatherman Curl isn’t a groundbreaking multi-tool. It doesn’t bring new tools, new deployment systems, or new ways of carrying out tasks. What it does bring, however, is a combination of some highly-useful tools in a reasonably compact and affordable package, making it an excellent option for your everyday carry.

Do you need it? If you already own a versatile multi-tool like the Leatherman Wave, probably not. If you’re looking for pliers-based pocket multi-tool with over a dozen implements at a lower price point, though, this just might become the next resident addition to your EDC pouch.

The Leatherman Curl is a compact multi-tool that measures just 4 inches long when closed, all while packing a whopping 15 tools within its frame. Chief among those tools are two pliers (one needle nose, one regular), a 2.9-inch knife blade, a pair of drivers (one that uses the outfit’s custom bits and a medium-sized flat screwdriver), spring-action scissors, a diamond-coated file, two wire cutters, and a wire stripper. There’s also a can opener, a bottle opener, an 8-inch ruler, and an awl with a thread loop. As with many pliers-based multi-tools, you’ll need to open it down the middle to access the pliers and wire-cutters, although all other tools, including the knife, can be deployed with the whole thing closed.

Lastly, there’s a removable pocket clip that you can attach if you want to hang it on the edge of your pocket or remove if you want it to be even slimmer for fitting in a tight EDC pouch. Construction is 420HC stainless steel, by the way, so this should be durable enough for all the tasks you’re bound to encounter throughout a normal day.

According to Leatherman, the Leatherman Curl is actually inspired by Wave Plus, essentially being designed as a more affordable option of the popular multi-tool. It’s available now, priced at $79.95.

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