Karesuando Unna Aksu Hunting Axe As decorative as it is functional, Karesuando's hunting axe should make for a gorgeous blade tool to show off around the house.


Any well-made hunting axe will work great for skinning all the animals you catch, as well as cutting through their meats and bones. The Unna Aksu Hunting Axe, however, does all that while bearing a handsome aesthetic that makes it as decorative as it is functional. Seriously, this isn’t the kind of axe you throw in a gear pile at home, but the type you hang over the fireplace for everyone to admire.

Created by Swedish outfit Karesuando Kniven, it’s a small axe that measures just 9.8 inches long, making for a handy tool to have, whether you’re hunting, fishing, or just living the simple life at camp. And, yes, it’s gorgeous enough that you’ll probably want to show off one in the house even if you never plan to hunt a single day in your life.


What really gives the Karesuando Unna Aksu its arresting appearance is the handle, which is constructed from a curvy piece of birch that bears an inlaid emblem made from reindeer antlers and elk bone pommel. That handle is topped by a permanently fixed 4-inch head cut in hardened HRC55 stainless steel, with a sharply ground edge that allows it to perform small knife duties around camp. Two finishes are available for the handle: natural and dark brown. Each axe comes with a black premium leather belt sheath and a diamond stone sharpener.

Available now, the Karesuando Unna Aksu Hunting Axe is priced at €189.95.

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