ISAORA Neo Bonded Sweatpant These stylish sweatpants from ISAORA aren't the kind you wear outside the house when you've temporarily given up on life.


Sweatpants are the kind of things you wear outside the house when you’ve temporarily given up on life. Whether it’s because you’re still horribly hungover from the night before, you just got dumped by a cheating spouse on the eve of a two-year anniversary, or you just lost a cushy job in a Fortune 500 tech firm, sweatpants become your de facto trousers while you wallow in the pits of despair and self-loathing. We’ve made peace with that fact. Which is why seeing sweatpants that look all manners of stylish, like this ISAORA Neo Bonded Sweatpant, is sending me in a tailspin. I mean, that doesn’t scream “I’m lonely and I hate the world” at all.

Released by the Italian brand as part of their Neo Collection, it’s a pair of sweatpants that you can actually look good going out in. Seriously. Whether with a hoodie, a sweatshirt, or a favorite tee, this thing should keep your fashion game on point, even while wearing the same pants you so comfortably slept in.


Instead of the baggy and shapeless form that sweatpants normally have, the ISAORA Neo Bonded Sweatpant comes in a slim-cut silhouette that makes it look like you actually took time picking out a good piece from your closet to add to the day’s wardrobe. Made from a technical neoprene fabric that’s lightweight, warm, and breathable, it should be plenty comfortable, with a water-resistant treatment that should let you rock the sweatpants out even in moderately wet weather. Features include two front pockets, a hidden zippered pocket in the rear, and articulated paneling for extra style.

Available now, the ISAORA Neo Bonded Sweatpant is priced at $149.