Inkleaf Leather Snap Wallet A more compact alternative to billfolds, this leather wallet comes with generous room for cash, a small pocket for cards, and a whole load of style.


You want a wallet that’s a lot more compact than the billfold you currently carry. You don’t need all those pockets when all you usually bring in your wallet are three cards and a fat wad of cash, after all. And since you like to be on the road with a small stack of bills, none of those card-centric elastic wallets either. Inkleaf Leather’s Snap Wallet just might be what you’re after.

Described as a “cash-centric alternative to traditional billfolds,” it’s a bit more traditional than most modern wallets, coming with two distinct compartments to separate your cash and your cards. While it’s probably not ideal for those who carry a dozen cards every day, those who prefer to trade with regular currency instead of swiping and punching buttons just might find it the perfect billfold upgrade.


The Inkleaf Leather Snap Wallet has a roomy main compartment that can accommodate a small stack of bills (folded in half), along with a slot out front sized to hold a trio of cards, so you can fit in a driver’s license, office ID, and one credit card. It comes with a flap that folds down and secures using a pair of snap-on buttons, so none of the contents will ever accidentally fall out.


Construction is a single-piece Horween leather that’s hand-stitched using Fils au Chinois “Lin Cable” linen thread. Features include a burnished leather backside (helps the cash slide in and out more easily), solid brass snaps, and dimensions of 4.2 x 2.75 inches.

Available now, the Inkleaf Leather Snap Wallet is priced at $65.