Cruger Silver Quarter Coin Rings You don't have to be a coin collector to appreciate these gorgeous rings, which are made from bent and molten limited-edition silver quarter US coins.


Remember those limited-edition silver state quarter coins the US Mint produced back in the early 2000s? They’re pretty special collectibles. If you’re not quite the type to geek out about rare coins, though, how about having those same coins fashioned into a ring that you can wear on your fingers? That’s exactly what they did with these Cruger Silver Quarter Coin Rings.

We’re not entirely sure how they turn coins into wearable jewelry without ruining the original coin, but that’s exactly what they did here. While some details are gone, of course, they retain plenty of identifying elements found in the minted coin, including the name of state, the year it was admitted to the union, and some portion of the graphic visuals. And, yes, it makes for quite the killer-looking finger bling.


The Cruger Silver Quarter Coin Rings can be made in one of four coins from the series: Florida, California, Texas, and New York. Each one is custom-made from a mint condition silver quarter to your exact ring size, ensuring you can have a perfectly-fitting piece of jewelry to wear with your everyday outfits. The silver patina color and conventional band cut makes it easy to accessorize with any attire, all while being absolutely intriguing once inspected up close due to its original incarnation as loose change for your pockets.


Available now, the Cruger Silver Quarter Coin Rings are priced at $34.99. If you’d like something different, they also sell a Silver 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Ring for $49.99.

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