Hest Sleep System Dually Dual-foam construction makes this two-person camping mattress more comfortable than other sleeping options designed for outdoor use.

The best thing about car camping: the amount of creature comforts you can bring along to the campsite. And if you like a lot of room when you sleep, you’re probably looking for something larger than your standard sleeping pad. You know, something like what you can get with the Hest Dually.

A larger version of the outfit’s Hest Sleeping System, it takes the outdoor-focused mattress and doubles the surface space, creating enough room to sleep two people comfortably. It does that while still packing into most any type of car, too, allowing you to use it for all your car camping adventures. Yes, even when you’re camping on your own.

The Hest Dually is a dual-layer sleeping mattress that’s designed specifically for use in the outdoors, with engineered open-cell foam on top and high-resilience foam on the bottom. The top foam is designed to conform to the body, provide pressure point relief, and provide adequate airflow (it’s breathable), while the bottom foam delivers firm support, body contouring, and sufficient shielding from the cold, hard ground. Since this appears to use the same construction as its single-person counterpart, which has received positive reviews, we imagine this will be a very comfortable mattress to sleep in. Just less lonely, since you can have someone else sleep next to you the entire night without running out of room.

It has a cover that uses a similar dual-material construction. The upper section uses stretch nylon twill, so it will go along with all your tossing and turning at night (apart from wicking moisture), while the lower section is cut in PU-coated nylon for durable function. The whole cover can be easily removed by simply unzipping it, so you can quickly throw it in the laundry basket as soon as you get back home.

The Hest Dually has pockets at both ends of the mattress, giving you handy place to store your phone, wallet, and other valuables while sleeping at camp, along with carry handles for easily moving from spot to spot. During transport, the whole thing can fold in half for better use of storage. Do note, this thing is pretty thick at 3.9 inches, so you won’t be able to roll it up into a more compact bundle, in case you need to fit a lot of stuff into the car. Yeah, you’re probably going to need a camper (or a full-fledged RV or a camper tent) if you want to bring every creature comfort you can imagine.

It comes in two sizes: long and wide, which measures 78 x 50 inches (length x width) and 74 x 60 inches, respectively. As you can probably tell, the long model is for taller folks who need as much sleeping surface to accommodate their NBA player physiques, while the latter is for folks who wants as much tossing room as possible (or who wants to sleep with a dog or a child in tow).

Want one? The Hest Sleep System Dually is available now, priced at $499.

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