Grovemade Wood Speakers With an ultra-sleek CNC-machined all-wood enclosure, Grovemade might have just made the nicest-looking desktop speakers around.


Grovemade has made quite a name for itself by carving various tech products out of wood. Their newest, the Grovemade Wood Speakers, follow the tradition, combining modern electronics with an all-wood enclosure to create what’s, arguably, the most stylish speakers you can set down on your work desk.

Designed with help from Joey Roth, the speakers boast some seriously fine aesthetics, looking more like display pieces you brought home from vacation instead of a music machine pumping out your tunes. It’s sized perfectly right for work desks, too, taking up very little surface space while giving your erstwhile boring cubicle a whole lot of character.


The Grovemade Wood Speakers comes with a CNC-machined wooden cabinet that boasts no parallel walls or flat surfaces to eliminate standing waves that can cause distortion. Simply put, it looks like a seashell or some exotic coconut husk. Each individual panel is assembled with epoxy, then sanded down into their final smoothed-out shapes before coating with oil. To minimize the desk space it takes up, each speaker channel is mounted on a stainless steel stand.


Instead of digital signal processing, the speaker goes the analog route, using a back-loaded horn design to reinforce the bass response. Features include Fountek FR58EX drivers, two 25W amplifiers, and two RCA inputs (don’t worry, they throw in an RCA to 3.5mm cable for desktop use). It comes in two variants: maple and walnut.

Available now, the Grovemade Wood Speakers are priced at $499 for the maple and $599 for the walnut.