ArtBrew Automated Brewing Machine This countertop machine automates home brewing like never before, requiring no manual work other than dumping the ingredients and pressing a few buttons.


Brewing your own beer at home takes serious work and dedication. That’s why you never bothered starting. I mean, who wants to work eight hours a day and spend whatever free time they have working on brewing a batch of possibly crappy suds? Not you. But what if you can take the time and dedication out of the equation? That’s exactly what ArtBrew does.

A countertop machine, it’s designed to give users a simpler, easier way to make craft beer from home. How? By automating most of the work that brewing entails. Even better, it gives step-by-step instructions at every turn, ensuring you don’t have to risk making a crappy batch by winging everything on the fly.


Unlike countertop brewers in the market, ArtBrew removes as much manual steps as possible. Seriously, the only thing you’ll have to do is dump the ingredients – everything else happens inside the machine. To use it, turn on the brewer and select the kind of beer you want to make from the onboard LCD, at which point it will walk you through putting in the different ingredients. Once everything’s in place, simply press the Start button to get the brewing process started.  That’s it.


ArtBrew will mash, sterilize, add hops, and ferment your brew all on its own (both the brewing tank and fermenting tank are inside), controlling the temperature and pressure as the recipe requires. You can track the progress of a batch from an accompanying app (it communicates with the machine over Wi-Fi), where you’ll also be alerted once a batch is ready for consumption. Once that happens, you can simply pour a glass from the integrated tap, making for the most convenient beer-brewing process ever.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for ArtBrew. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $489.