EcoFire Camp Stove

Yes, it's small enough to fit in the expandable side pockets of your mountaineering backpack, but a clever design allows this fan-powered biofuel stove to cook large meals on large pots with relative ease.

BioLite PizzaDome

Over the past few years, BioLite's BaseCamp has evolved as the go-to outdoor stove for large-scale cooking at camp. It can cook everything. Well… except pizzas. That changes now with this new add-on accessory.

Snow Peak Mini Flame Lantern

If you carry fuel canisters to camp, might as well use it for more than cooking and boiling. Like using them as old-school camp lanterns. If you're not sure how, Snow Peak's got you covered with their new add-on rig.

Serac Sequoia XL Camping Hammock

Longer and wider than other single-person hammocks, this XL-sized hanging sack offers plenty of room for lounging the day away, all while coming with 10-anchor tree straps for more convenient setup.

Stable Goods Pint Granite

You drink your hydration from a water bottle and your libations from a cup. You're a civilized man and we feel your pain. So does Stable Goods, who made this awesome water bottle that cleverly transforms into a beautiful pint.

Kyboka Outdoor Cart

Whether you're hiking to a camp site, a beach, or a music festival, if you're carrying heavy gear, save your back the hassle and tow it in this lightweight and highly maneuverable off-road cart instead.

Pioneer Swag Tent

A modern version of the canvas bedrolls Australia's nomadic swagmen used back in the day, these waterproof , single-person tents come with built-in sleeping bags for quick and easy set up out in the field.

Cotopaxi Inti 2 Tent

Billed as "the world's most versatile tent," Cotopaxi's newest shelter uses snap-on components to set up as a single-person shelter, a two-person hideout, or a four-person dwelling, depending on what the adventure needs.

Scout Overland Kitchen

Ever wished you can have a full-service kitchen in the back of your SUV for wielding your culinary wizardry while slumming it in the wild? Now you can with Scout Equipment's surprisingly compact offering.

MSK-1 Survival Knife

Whether for getting firewood, skinning game, or building shelters, a survival knife can help you every step of the way. This one goes a step further by packing a complete survival kit in the handle.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Binoculars

Whether you're hunting, bird-watching, or watching sporting events from the bleachers this summer, Bushnell's new line of binoculars will help you see things sharp and clear, all while coming at reasonably affordable prices.

Cinch 4-Man Pop Up Tent

Camping out in your favorite summer festivals? Ditch the camping tent and bring along this ventilated, water-resistant pop-up shelter instead, which lets you set up in seconds as soon as you settle on a spot.

Stanley Happy Hour Shaker System

A cocktail-making kit for the endless outdoor festivities of the summer, Stanley's compact rig lets you whip up chilled drink mixes, whether in the beach, the backwoods, or the parking lot of the local stadium.

Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat

With two air chambers that you can fine-tune separately and air coils that provide spring-like support, Spring to Summit's inflatable mat just might be the best backcountry bed for your next camping adventure.

Orca Pod Cooler

A backpack-style cooler, Orca's latest accommodates 24 cans of beer and 15 pounds of ice for full-on party duty, all while hoisting on your back to keep your hands unoccupied the whole time.

Filson Wedge Tent

Want an all-weather tent with plenty of headroom and enough floor space to roll around in while you practice wrestling a bear? Filson's newest 7-foot tall heavy-duty tent should do the trick.

GoFoil SUP Hydrofoil

Bringing the wonders of hydrofoiling to stand up paddle boarding, this attachment gets your SUP board hovering above the water during downwinds, allowing you to effortlessly glide faster than ever before.