Garmin Fenix Chronos Multi-Sport Watch Unlike most GPS sports watches, Garmin's latest takes on dressier styling for wearing nicely with work outfits and more formal attire.


Sports watches look sporty for a reason – you tend to wear them during high-octane activities, after all, like running, cycling, and hiking. While that’s great, those same sporty designs make them ill-fitting to wear when dressing up for work and more formal fare. That won’t be a problem for Garmin’s Fenix Chronos.

Crafted with premium jeweler-grade materials, it’s a more stylish, more upscale version of the GPS sports watch, making it suitable for wearing as an everyday watch while providing all the functions you need during training and workouts. Seriously, you can keep this thing on while rocking a business outfit without looking a single bit out of place.


The Garmin Fenix Chronos has a 1.2-inch color display that’s designed for full readability under sunlight, all while being always-on, so it wears like a regular watch (unlike those smartwatches that need to be tapped just to check time). More impressively, the onboard battery can last a full week in smartwatch mode, although having the GPS on depletes to a 13-hour stretch. It’s as complete as most high-end sports watches in the market, with GPS, GLONASS, and a full range of sensors onboard (including a heart rate sensor), allowing it to gather advanced fitness metrics and physiological for different activities (running, cycling, swimming, skiing, rowing, golf, and snowboarding).


For outdoor adventures, it comes with a whole host of navigation functions, so you can wear it to help you out during hikes. Features include a durable metal housing (either steel or titanium), sapphire lens, and three strap choices (leather, stainless steel, and brushed titanium).

Pricing for the Garmin Fenix Chronos start at $899.99.