Fizzics Draftpour Beer Dispenser This countertop appliance transforms any bottle or can of suds into foamy, creamy draft beer straight off the tap.

Some people like to drink their beer from a bottle. Others enjoy that bubbly, foamy goodness that you get when you pour beer from a tap. Problem is, you usually need a keg for that, making it impractical for those who like to enjoy a couple of drinks at home for a nightcap. The Fizzics Draftpour changes that.

No, it’s not a mini-keg. Instead, it’s a beer dispenser that takes regular bottled and canned beer, then pours it from its tap with a mass of foam on top. Just like draft beer. Except without a keg and other complicated hardware. Just this, your regular beer, and you’re set, enjoying nitro-style draft beer just like in the pub.

The Fizzics Draftpour consists of a small countertop appliance that should have no problem fitting on top of the kitchen counter, the kitchen island, or even on top of the fridge. To use, simply take off the main enclosure to expose the interior chamber, where you can put your canned or bottled beer of choice. It takes standard bottles and cans, although it can also accommodate tall boys and larger bottles (looks like up to 750ml bottles will fit). Once your beer is in place, put back the enclosure, making sure the tube goes inside the opening of the drinking vessel and you’re set.

From there, you should be able to draw beer from the tap, just like the bartender does when you ask for a pint of draft beer at the bar.  Instead of simply getting your regular beer, though, the darn thing comes with thick layer of foam on top, making it feel like you’re in a sports bar with friends while drinking alone watching ESPN at home. On the big TV, of course, unless your wife is still awake and watching a 90-day Fiancé marathon. Yeah, just catch the game on the laptop instead.

The Fizzics Draftpour doesn’t use nitrogen or CO2 cartridges to add that foam on top. Instead, it uses a system they call the “sonication process,” which applies sound waves to the beverage to convert the beer’s carbonation into the foam that you see once it’s poured into a glass. According to the outfit, these tiny, uniformly-sized bubbles create the ideal density, delivering an enhanced aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. While designed for plugging in to a wall outlet at home, the device also comes with a USB slot, allowing you to use plug it to a power bank during tailgates, picnics, and other outdoor gatherings. It also has a battery bay that’s sized to take two AA units for those times you forget to bring the power bank along.

Will this taste as good as draft beer? With the lack of additional carbonation, it probably won’t. If you enjoy the sight and feel of those foamy suds when you’re drinking beer from the tap, though, then you’ll definitely appreciate being able to get that without the hassle of maintaining a kegerator at home.

The Fizzics Draftpour is available now.

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