STIHL RMA-410 Electric Lawn Mower Mow the lawn without the noise with STIHL's newest mower, which packs enough charge to clear up 4,300 sq. ft. of unruly grass.


Yes, you’re supposed to mow the lawn in the morning when everybody’s up and the ruckus of a gas engine won’t bother any of your neighbors. But what if you’re a night owl who’d rather get that crap done when you can’t sleep at night? Well, ditch the gas-powered grass cutter and go electric with something like the RMA-410 from STIHL.

Drawing power from an onboard battery, this walk-behind mower can clear up to 4,300 square feet of grassy land on a single charge, so you can probably trim the neighbor’s lawn, too, if you still aren’t sleepy after getting yours done. More importantly, it does the grass-chopping in utter silence, ensuring you can mow the entire neighborhood’s lawn without waking a single person.


The STIHL RMA-410 is a 44-pound mower designed for small- and medium-sized properties, making it an ideal equipment for many homeowners looking to switch from their noisy gas-powered cutters. It uses a commercial-grade 900-watt brushless motor that’s 50 times more powerful than the previous model, with your choice of either an AP 180 battery (good for 3,500 sq. ft. per charge) or AP 360 (4,300 sq. ft.). While not entirely compact, it has a fold down handle that should make it easier to find space for, either in the shed or the garage.


Features include up to 3 inches cutting height, a 14.5-gallon grass catcher, and a locking key to prevent accidental operation. It’s way easier to start than gas mowers, too, requiring you to simply push the power button and pull the switch lever to get things going.

Learn more about the STIHL RMA-410 from the outfit’s website.