Eysom 8-Inch Training Shorts Eysom's training shorts are cut close to the leg, giving it a tailored look and feel while still providing a complete range of movement.


Yes, we all go to the gym to get in shape. But, we also go to the gym because it’s one of the best places to meet women who care about their bodies. That’s why we try to dress up just as nice in the weights room as we do everywhere else. And, no, those baggy shorts that give you a complete range of movement doesn’t help the cause, so it may be a good idea to ditch it in favor of Eysom’s 8-Inch Training Shorts.

Fixing everything wrong about the traditional gym shorts, it’s cut close to the body to provide a more tailored look and feel, all while providing the range of movements you need to perform any exercise. Whether you’re doing squats, climbing walls, or joining an aerobic group class, this thing should let you execute flawlessly without ruining your look.


The Eysom 8-Inch Training Shorts is made from a lightweight stretch fabric (21 percent spandex) that feels great against the skin, while wicking moisture with the best of them to keep sweat out of your body. It has an 8-inch inseam that falls well above the knee for more unhindered movement, while still covering enough of the thighs for better protection from scrapes and the occasional grease off the weight machines. Features include SPF50 coating to protect against UV light when doing outdoor workouts, an elastic waist with inside drawcord, a built-in liner for extra support, slant front pockets with a side-slip pocket for your essentials, and welt pockets at the back.


Available in purple stripes (pictured) and a solid black, the Eysom 8-Inch Training Shorts is priced at $180.

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