Nike AeroReact Pullover Top Nike's new AeroReact fabric loosens up as soon as you begin sweating to make the garment more breathable all on its own.


Dressing up to run in the dead of cold season isn’t easy. Not enough layers and you’ll be shaking from the chill in the air. Put on too much and you’re likely to feel uncomfortable as your body starts to heat up from all the running. The Nike AeroReact Pullover Top is designed to make things simpler.

Taking the Swoosh’s technical sportswear a big step forward, the garment is designed to adjust as the runner’s temperature rises to the point of sweating, loosening its structure to maximize breathability. No need to put on an extra layer to start a run and remove it as soon as you get warmed up – this garment simulates that same action all on its own.

The Nike AeroReact Pullover Top achieves the impressive feat through the outfit’s new AeroReact fabric, which uses a responsive bi-component yarn (naturally, they didn’t say what materials are actually used) that can sense moisture vapor and adjust its structure accordingly. That means, it’s all tight and snug when you need to stay warm, then loosens up as you get too warm, maintaining a “thermo-regulated environment” throughout the duration of your run.

No details yet on the actual pullover beyond the new fabric, but from the one photo released, it sure seems like a nice-looking piece perfectly suited for running out during the fall and winter seasons. It shouldn’t take too long to find out more, either, as the Nike AeroReact Pullover Top is expected to drop at Nike’s online store starting October 1st.