CLMBR Vertical Climber Designed to modernize the vertical climber, this gym machine combines a new design with connected tech to supercharge your cardio workouts.

We’re big fans of vertical climbers, that category of cardio machine that simulates mountain climbing, as it offers one of the most efficient fat-burning workouts while putting little to no strain on any of your joints.  As far as those machines go, the Versaclimber has long been the king of the hill, which is why very little has changed with it over the 40 years it’s been in the market. The CLMBR is looking to challenge its place at the top by offering a machine that combines the same effective and efficient function with modern tech features.

That’s right, the vertical climber is finally getting an integrated screen that can show real-time stats and training videos on demand, putting it on the same level as many modern gym machines. Heck, it even goes one step further by pairing with a companion app and providing notifications of your performance to your phone, making it a whole lot easier to track your progress over time.

The CLMBR can show information like power, elevation, tempo, and total vertical feet climbed, so you can see exactly how well you’re doing at any point while you perform climbing motions on the machine. It also comes with preloaded training videos, so you can get visual assistance that can help guide your own workouts, complete with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows it to be easily updated over-the-air for a regular stream of new content. After each round, it can even send workout summary data to your phone, giving you a way to easily review previous sessions and plan for your next workout. Alternatively, you can pair it with the companion app, so you can keep a more comprehensive record of your time with the machine.

You can adjust the resistance to any of 11 available settings, so you can get the appropriate amount of challenge, regardless of your experience or fitness level. The handles are adjustable, too, so you can tailor the equipment to your exact needs.

The CLMBR doesn’t just improve the vertical climber on the technology front, it makes some innovations on the design, too. For instance, it ditches the running chain used in traditional versions of the equipment, which tended to require frequent lubrication and maintenance. In its place are Kevlar-reinforced belts and high-quality ball bearings that enable reduced maintenance requirements, all while being strong enough to handle heavy commercial use. All major parts of the machine, by the way, can easily be accessed, making it simple to perform preventive maintenance, whenever necessary.

Dimensions are 92 x 34 x 33 inches (height x width x depth), which makes it compact enough to find space for in most any room. Even better, it’s reasonably light at just 150 pounds, so two average individuals can lift it off the ground to move from one place to another (even up the stairs). In case you’re flying solo, it also comes with integrated wheels that allow you to push it from spot to spot, although this does eliminate the likelihood of being able to move it up or down from one floor to another.

You can learn more about CLMBR from the link below.

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