Amsler Hurricane Razor Knife Need a slim knife you can take anywhere for precision cutting duties? Look no further than Amsler's sleek fixed-blade utility knife.


A knife with a handle that’s 2.5 times longer than the blade should look all manners of awkward. Somehow, though, the Amsler Hurricane Razor manages to make it work. More than working, this thing actually stands out, making for a blade that looks like it’s going to see plenty of action whether you throw it in an EDC bag, hang it in the shop, or keep it somewhere around the office.

A fixed blade utility knife, it comes with a blade that measures 1.5 inches long that’s attached to a handle measuring 3.75 inches. Yep, that’s over twice the length of the blade, which might not be usual, but definitely comes handy. With the longer handle, it allows for serious precision cutting, which should make it a godsend when you’re tinkering with electronics, slicing leather, or doing emergency medical work in the mountains, all while still staying handy for everyday package-ripping and general cutting duties.


While it’s long at 5.25 inches, the Amsler Hurricane Razor makes up for that with a super slim profile, allowing it to sit in a corner of a pouch with other stuff in it. A skeletonized handle makes it even more lightweight, while a reversible tip-down pocket clip at the end lets you secure it to a pants or jacket pocket while going about your day. Features include a blade that’s been sharpened to an 18-degree angle, O-rings near the front of the handle for better grip, and a Kydex sheath that locks the blade in place when not in use.  Construction is titanium and stainless steel.


Available in a variety of finishes, pricing for the Amsler Hurricane Razor Knife starts at $145.