SDRV Urban-Training Utility Vest Pack This vest and backpack hybrid lets you carry a hydration pack close to your body, so you can work out without it getting in the way.

Yes, you can be mistaken for a whole lot of bad things when you wear a tactical-looking vest as you walk down the street. If you want to bring as much gear as you can while carrying them as close to your body, though, it’s tough to beat the convenience provided by the SDRV Urban-Training Utility Vest Pack.

Billed as a “hybrid between a slim backpack and a vest,” the garment, basically, takes one of those tactical vests and puts a trio of pockets on it. That way, you can use it to carry a small laptop, an extra shirt, or a week’s supply of your favorite candy bar, all while looking like you’re just some dude who wears a tactical vest because you’re weird as heck. Yeah, that doesn’t sound good, but on the bright side, you get to carry stuff without hauling a backpack.

The SDRV Urban-Training Utility Vest Pack is actually designed for folks who like training outside. You know, people who run around the neighborhood, do suspension workouts in the park, or get on their bicycles like they’re competing at the Tour de France. The idea is to use this to hold any gear you want to bring along, saving you from the hassle of carrying a backpack, all while keeping your gear safe from accidentally falling off.

It has three zippered pockets, two small in front and a large one in the back. The front pockets are size to hold an iPhone 8 Plus, so it should accommodate most phones, wallets, and even multi-tools, while the large back pocket should be big enough to accommodate a small laptop or a big tablet, whichever the case might be. Of course, there’s no reason to carry a laptop or a tablet if you’re working out, so the rear pocket is actually designed to accommodate a hydration pouch, complete with a slot for running the hydration tube right along the left shoulder, so you can easily get a sip without much fuss.

The SDRV Urban-Training Utility Vest Pack has adjustable straps running from the shoulders down to the lower chest and across the chest, allowing you to tighten it as close as you need. Similar straps run down the lower section of the vest, allowing you to secure it to your torso just as tightly, so the darn thing stays in place even while you go through high-speed, explosive motions.  It uses swivel buckles for comfort (it moves as you move) and D-ring clips.

It’s made from Hopora, a three-layer microporous membrane that’s waterproof and breathable, so it can protect any electronics you have stashed inside while keeping things comfortable even on hot days, while a 3M Thinsulate layer lines the inside of the garment. All zippers, by the way, are waterproof, too, so your gear is going to stay dry, no matter what.

Yes, wearing a vest to work out can feel a little weird. If you don’t mind the aesthetic, though, the SDRV Urban-Training Utility Vest Pack is available now, priced at $168.

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