Adidas Stan Smith Slip-On Shoes Whether you want to hit the beach or stay home this summer, these heel-free Stan Smiths will keep you styled all throughout the season.

The Stan Smith is easily of our favorite sneakers of all time. It’s one of those shoes you always want to have in your shoe rack, since it can go with a whole lot of outfits. With many people staying indoors, though, the opportunity to wear your Stan Smiths probably don’t come up as often. Just in case you’re starting to miss them, you can now rock them comfortably at home with the Adidas Stan Smith Slip-On Shoes.

That’s right, Adidas went ahead and turned the Stan Smith into summer-ready mules. Whether you want a pair of shoes you can easily kick off before plopping down on the sand, comfortably prance around in while strolling on the boardwalk, or keep your feet toasty while staying at home with your tall stack of toilet paper, these shoes look like the perfect pick for doing all that while staying in style.

The Adidas Stan Smith Slip-On Shoes, basically, take the classic tennis sneakers and taper the rear upper section to offer no constraints on the heel. When worn with a pair of jeans that drape right down to the ankles, in fact, you might mistake it for a regular pair of Stan Smiths, as it has all the trademark elements, from the leather upper and perforated stripes to the pimpled rubber outsole and minimal branding. Heck, it even retains the laces found in the long-running model, albeit it’s the kind you don’t have to tie yourself, as the shoe itself is designed to function as a proper slip-on.

The Adidas Stan Smith Slip-On Shoes come in two colors, plain white and mustard yellow. It’s priced at $70.

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