PDW Odyssey Cargo Pants NYCO+ PDW updates their popular cargo pants with a new material that brings the same durability while adding two-way stretch for better movement.

Prometheus Design Werx’s utility cargo pants (along with their cargo shorts) has long been one of their bestsellers. That’s no surprise, as they’re equal parts feature-packed and stylish-looking. The PDW Odyssey Cargo Pants NYCO+ updates the popular trousers with an entirely new material, giving it more stretch, better durability, and even nicer aesthetics.

Instead of the old ripstop material, the pants are now made from NYCO+, a blend made up of 55 percent 6.8-ounce cotton, 42 percent N6 nylon, and three percent spandex. According to the outfit, this new material embodies the same durable characteristics as the previous iteration, all while delivering a two-way stretch that allows for greater mobility in the field.

The PDW Odyssey Cargo Pants NYCO+ combines that durable and stretchy material with a heavy-duty nylon thread, triple-needle stitching on all major seams, and plenty of bar tacks, ensuring all the connecting sections will hold up as capably as the primary material. The outfit claims, in fact, that the darn thing has arguably more reinforcement on all of its stress points than any pair of pants being made today. It has articulated knees to ensure getting in tricky poses creates no stress on the trousers, as well as a diamond gusset, so you can do splits while decked in this thing with no trouble whatsoever.

There are knee pad slots for putting added reinforcement to help protect your knees from impact and abrasion on top of the already extra material, while a diamond double seat lets you plop down on rocky surfaces without worrying about damaging the garment. Heck, they even threw in double reinforcements on the rear leg cuffs. Suffice to say, you can roll downhill on this thing and you’re more likely to take damage before the pants actually do.

The PDW Odyssey Cargo Pants NYCO+ has gusseted cargo packets that use a unique three-point flap closure, all while coming in a low profile shape that makes it less prominent than those found on traditional cargo pants. The inside of those pockets are equipped with built-in dividers for stashing your stuff in a more organized manner, so you don’t need to feel like you’re fiddling inside a sack when trying to find that loose part you dropped in there. It has horizontal hand pockets inspired by designs from workwear, allowing you to access their contents even while you’re wearing backpacks or tool belts, as well as dedicated tool pockets for securing pocket knives, small flashlights, and all sorts of multi-tools. Other storage elements include a discreet hidden pocket by the rear waistband for valuables, button flat rear pockets, and a small folder pocket inside one of the hand pockets for really small items.

According to the outfit, it has an updated regular fit that’s shapely enough for aesthetics but relaxed enough for comfortable movement. Other features include custom D-rings that cannot be twisted out of place, parasmock-type slotted buttons, and YKK zippers with anti-slip slider.

The PDW Odyssey Cargo Pants NYCO+ is available now, priced at $149.

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