ZLin Aviation Savage Bobber Airplane Drawing inspiration from custom motorcycle shops, ZLin is offering buyers unprecedented personalization for this light sport aircraft.


Light sports aircrafts are great, requiring minimal skills to pilot while offering a heck of a lot of fun. If you’re buying one, though, you’re usually stuck with whatever’s on offer. Any extra tuning and modification will have to be carried out post-purchase on your own. That changes with the Savage Bobber, a small plane that you can customize in a whole lot of ways.

Made by ZLin Aviation, the plane shares its core elements with the popular Savage Classic, sporting the same wings, empennage, controls, and landing gear to ensure reliable operation. It’s lighter, though, which makes it even more agile, with a skeleton fuselage making it quite the sight to behold (apart from being unhampered by lateral gusts).


The Savage Bobber’s big selling point, of course, is customization. Inspired by the creative work people are putting on custom motorcycles, ZLin has designed this particular model for heavy personalization, giving buyers their choice of engine, engine accessories, propellers, instrument panels, avionics accessories, landing gear, and cabin appointments.  Cosmetics, of course, are a big part of any personalization, so the plane is offered in 15 colors for the engine, 20 colors for the fuselage, four colors for the propellers, and even two types of chrome finish.


Other options include seat types (you can choose motorcycle saddles… seriously), specific supports for any gear you want to carry in the plane (e.g. surfboards, hunting rifles, and the like), storage bags, and more.  Base aircraft features include an 18-gallon fuel tank, 153 square foot wing surface area, a maximum takeoff weight off 1,234 pounds, and a load capacity of 639 pounds.


Available now, pricing for the Savage Bobber starts at $65,000.