YuJet Surfer Electric Jetboard A motorized surfboard, this personal watercraft can glide through water at 24mph speeds while keeping you out of land for 40 minutes straight.

They call it the “21st century version of a mid-life crisis.” Seriously. While we believe a convertible Bimmer still beats it out in that department (some things never change), the YuJet Surfer should probably qualify in the shopping list as an accessory purchase somewhere down the line.

A motorized surfboard, the outfit is actually positioning it as a potential jetski alternative, giving you a ride that mimics all the mechanics of surfing without having to deal with all those scary large waves. Whether you’re actually having a midlife crisis or just looking for something to make weekends by the lake far more fun, “surfing” the flat waters on this thing should make for a jolly good time.

The YuJet Surfer is an electric jetboard that’s powered by a carbon-infused intake and impeller that can propel it to speeds of up to 24 mph. Controlled by hand using a wireless remote, you can send it gliding through the water fully untethered, so you can feel like you’re actually surfing if you close your eyes and pretend you’re being buoyed forward by massive waves. In case you’re not quite used to standing on a board on the water, it comes with multiple neoprene grips, as well as EVA foam on the deck for grip, so you get help on both traction and balance if you ever need them.

The onboard rechargeable battery can keep the propulsion system running for up to 40 minutes between charges, so you can get a load of fun before you run out of juice and have to paddle this thing to shore with your hands. The battery is swappable, too, so you can swap in a fresh one as soon as you’re on land and get back on the water. And yes, you can control the speed completely using the remote, so you can slow down and take it easy, in case your middle-aged body is not quite up to the task of slicing through the water at high speeds. There’s even a beginner that caps the speed at low levels, so you don’t accidentally send yourself flying across the water.

The YuJet Surfer’s propulsion module is easily removable, allowing you to pull it out of the board whenever it needs service or maintenance. That way, you don’t have to deal with having to mount the darn board on your BMW convertible’s roof rack (or your surfer motorcycle) before you drive down to the repair shop to get it looked at. The board, by the way, is made with a carbon fiber exterior, so this should feel quite premium, and a core that’s cut in CNC-machined foam.

Wouldn’t you do better just buying a yacht if you’re getting this for a mid-life crisis? Yeah, we can see reason in that. Of course, a yacht can cost you on the six or seven figures, while this thing will only damage you $9,999, which is, kind of like buying an electric bike that makes you feel like riding a motorcycle, except it can go on water and makes you feel like you’re surfing the waves.

The YuJet Surfer is available now.

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