Yeti 24oz Rambler Mug The newest addition to Yeti's Rambler line is a generously-sized beer mug, so you can enjoy a lot of suds with fewer trips to the cooler.

We’re big fans of Yeti’s Rambler line of indestructible, reusable, and insulated drinking vessels. They’re excellent to use. And while the Lowball has long been our favorite for cold drinks, we imagine it’s going to get a formidable challenge in the beer department with the arrival of the Yeti 24oz Rambler Mug.

No it’s not a supersized version of a lowball. Instead, this is the outfit’s version of a proper beer mug – one that’s big enough to let you empty the full contents of a beer bottle (or two) in one fell swoop, eliminating the need to keep it nearby to refill after a few sips. Because… you know… you’re an efficient beer drinker and all.

The Yeti 24oz Rambler Mug takes the same impressive qualities of other drinking vessels in the line and applies it to a mug form factor. That means, this thing is made from kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel, ensuring it won’t incur damage from falling off a table, getting thrown by an angry girlfriend, or being kicked by drunk people like a football at the end of the party. It also won’t get punctured by sharp things when you bring it to the outdoors, all while resisting rust as well as any stainless steel cookware and cutlery you use in the kitchen. Suffice to say, if you’re looking for a big drinking vessel for use at camp, you just might want to look this way.

Nobody wants to drink warm beer. That’s why, this thing comes with double-wall vacuum insulation, complete with a standard lid (the one that’s not as cool as Yeti’s MagSlider lid) that you can use to cover the whole thing, ensuring it retains the drink’s temperature much longer than most common drinking vessels without having the uncomfortable heft of earthenware beer steins. And yes, it works just as well for hot drinks as it does for your ice cold beer, so you can also use it with a cup of hot coffee when you’re trying to shake off the hangover come morning.

What makes the Yeti 24oz Rambler Mug different from the rest of the line, of course, is the mug form factor, which adds a large handle on the side to give you a more secure hold on your drinking cup. The handle is also made from stainless steel, so it’s just as tough as the rest of the cup, ensuring you can enjoy your beer off this thing for a pretty long time.

With the generous size of the mug, we imagine you’ll want to use this for a lot of things beyond beer. It can keep your juices and sodas cold all through lunch, for instance, while keeping multiple scoops of ice cream from melting while you relax and binge new shows on your favorite streaming serving in the evening. It comes in eight colors, so you can color-coordinate it with your gear, although we’ve always been partial to the plain stainless steel finish.

The Yeti 24oz Rambler Mug is available now, priced at $29.99.

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