Worx WX027L 20V Multi-Function LED Light Worx's flashlight can double as a 360-degree lantern, a multi-angle work light, and even an emergency strobe light.

We’re big fans of work lights, as they light up job sites really well, all while being very rugged and durable. Problem is, most of them are designed to work strictly at work sites, making them a bad fit for use anywhere else. Not the case with the Worx WX027L 20V Multi-Function LED Light, which turns the work light into a versatile lighting tool.

Designed to serve you in job sites and beyond, the device can be used as a flashlight, a lantern, a desk light, and even an emergency light, allowing it to stay out of the toolbox and make itself useful all throughout the year. Need a desk lamp for the makeshift work desk you’ve set up at home? This will do the trick. Need a flashlight to find the puppy, who probably got lost in the woods again? Pick this thing up and you’re good to go. Plus, you can still use it to light up the work area, whether you’re doing repairs under the sink, in the basement, or the workbench at the shed.

The Worx WX027L 20V Multi-Function LED Light actually looks like a regular flashlight, with a cylinder-shaped body you can grip in hand and a beam of light at the tip. Except, the actual section holding the LED can actually be pulled out of the body in a telescoping design, essentially using the flashlight body as a base for an upright 360-degree light. In this mode, it can be used as a lamp that lights up the space evenly across all directions, making it useful when camping, tailgating, or just hanging out in the backyard.

Want to direct the light at a book you’re reading on the desk? Not a problem, as it’s hinged at the connection between the top and bottom sections with a pivoting head, so you can actually tilt and turn the light at a variety of angles. This makes it easy to direct the light towards any particular direction, allowing you to use it as a reading light, a desk lamp, or a work light.

The Worx WX027L 20V Multi-Function LED Light also has an emergency light setting that turns it into a strobe for attracting attention when you’re fixing your car by the roadside or trying to get help because you can’t fix your car by the roadside. It can deliver a maximum of 130 lumens in flashlight mode and up to 480 lumens when pulled out of the flashlight body, with high and low settings for use as a lamp. A switch on the side makes it easy to toggle between the different functions.

As with many of Worx’s other products, it uses the outfit’s 20V Power Share battery, which can be used with other battery-powered tools in the line. That means, if you already have Worx tools in your stash, you can just use their rechargeable batteries for this lighting solution, so you can opt to not get batteries when you purchase it.

The Worx WX027L 20V Multi-Function LED Light is available now.

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