Western Rise Evolution Shorts This triple-threat shorts is stylish enough for gallivanting, tough enough for hiking, and reinforced enough for swimming.

A pair of shorts that does them all? Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. While we doubt we’ll ever find shorts that actually work great for every single activity, we do appreciate attempts at versatility when it comes to thigh-high pants. That kind of versatility is at the forefront of the Western Rise Evolution Shorts.

Designed for active use in both land and water, the shorts boast enough durability for hiking, cycling, and exploring in the backcountry, while wearing just as well when you’re fishing, paddle boarding, or snorkeling in the water. It’s got quite the tailored look, too, with a style that should pair nicely for casual gallivanting around town, especially when the warm weather comes along.

The Western Rise Evolution Shorts is actually a thigh-high version of the outfit’s popular Evolution Pants, so it inherits all of that garment’s technical elements, from the lightweight build and durable shell to the breathability and water-repellence. It’s made from a nylon-and-elastane blend called Supplex, which have ultra-strong fibers that are air-texturized for softness. According to the outfit, the fabric has the soft hand feel of cotton, all while exhibiting technical properties that make it functional for wearing in a whole host of activities.

Two-way stretch allows the shorts to move freely during physical activity, so you can run, jump, and do splits (if you can) pretty comfortably, while C6 DWR treatment should let it repel water, so you won’t be dripping for hours after taking a swim to cool down during a particularly humid day. To ensure the entire garment handles water like a boss, they also use stretchable mesh for the pockets (water just goes right through) and even a quick-drying drawstring on the inside portion of the waist. We’re not sure what material is used for that drawstring, but we imagine it will be the only thing that ever really stays wet here for more than a bit of time.

The Western Rise Evolution Shorts has a tailored fit that should wear nice with loafers, slip-ons, and other casual footwear, along with an 8-inch inseam that puts the hem well above the knee. It uses flat-felled reinforced stitching, so it’s gentle on the skin while being tough enough to resist tearing at the seams. Four open pockets are in tow, two in front and two in the back, which are joined by a hidden zippered pocket in the back for stashing any valuable item you don’t want to accidentally lose. It comes in two colors: khaki and navy.

According to Western Rise, the DWR treatment means the garment will also be resistant to odor and staining, so it requires a lot less washing than a regular pair of shorts, especially if you primarily wear it for getting around the city. Do note, the material could shrink when washed in warm water, although it’s supposedly temporary and returns to its regular shape after cooling down.

Slated to ship in August, the Western Rise Evolution Shorts is currently on preorder. Price is $85.

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