Wealer 11-Piece Camp Cooking Utensil Set Wealer's kit for camp cooking gives you all the food prep tools and utensils you need to make delicious meals in the wild.

Some people just bring energy bars and other ready-to-eat packaged foods when camping to spare them from the hassle of having to cook in the wild. Others opt to stick with simple fare you can heat up in a campfire, like canned goods, breads, and instant ramen. And then, there are those who go out their way to turn the camp into an outdoor kitchen. The Wealer 11-Piece Camp Cooking Utensil Set is designed for those folks.

A cooking kit for the outdoors, it gets you all the utensils you need to cook whatever dish you’re inspired to prepare while you camp on the beach, the lake, or the middle of nowhere in some backcountry wilderness. Yes, you’ll still need to bring pots, stove, and, of course, all the ingredients you’re actually cooking, but this thing handles all the instruments you’ll need to cut, stir, toss, and flip over whatever you have cooking over the fire.

The Wealer 11-Piece Camp Cooking Utensil Set, basically, assembles a bunch of food prep tools and cooking utensils inside a compact bag, so you can just grab this single bag and throw it in your pack to be duly prepared for your kitchen duties at camp. What’s inside? It starts off with a plastic cutting board and two knives (one long and one short), so you can slice, dice, and chop off your ingredients easily, with both knives getting matching plastic sheaths, so you don’t accidentally slice anything during handling. There’s also a food scissor for snipping off food packaging and fresh food items alike, which comes with an integrated nutcracker in the handle, in case you need it for whatever reason, as well as a peeler and corer for dealing with fruits and vegetables while you’re there.

It comes with one spatula, one soup ladle, and one steak fork, all of them cut in stainless steel, so you’ve got a functional utensil you can use, whether you’re frying eggs, making stew, or grilling up some sausages. There’s also a stainless steel locking tongs, with silicone handle, for picking up solid food items easily, along with a camping towel for cleanup and two pieces of spice shakers, just in case you need them.

The Wealer 11-Piece Camp Cooking Utensil Set’s included bag comes with a fully-zippered opening, so you can lay it out fully once you’ve made your place at camp. It’s got designated spots for each of the included items, including pouches, loops, and pockets, so everything goes in their designated place, ensuring the contents look exactly the same when you open it at camp as it did when you packed it back at home. A handle on top allows you to carry the bag easily around camp, while a tough woven cotton construction ensures it offers adequate protection from the bumps and knocks of the wild outdoors. The bag, by the way, comes in a variety of finishes, including one with a very contemporary woven multi-colored pattern.

The Wealer 11-Piece Camp Cooking Utensil Set is available now.

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