Wattbike Atom Stationary Bike Finally available stateside after two years, Wattbike's ultra-quiet spin bike boasts fluid riding mechanics that mimic the feel of road bikes.


For the last two years, we’ve heard great things about the Wattbike Atom and it’s grown to be one of our most coveted stationary bikes, especially with its continued software improvements over that time. Sadly, the bike has been available only to a small group of countries during that period. Fortunately, that appears to be changing and, this year, it’s the outfit is opening sales to even more territories.

An erstwhile regular-looking stationary bike, the exercise machine looks like any product in the category, so you can just hop in and start hitting those pedals the same way you do in the gym. Except, this one’s billed as the “smartest indoor bike trainer,” bringing a rich set of features that allow you to train better while keeping you more immersed each and every session.


The Wattbike Atom is equipped with precision magnetic resistance, allowing it to be operated with very little noise (maximum 70 decibels at 700 cadence), so you can train at any time of the day without disturbing anyone at home.  Both the saddle and the handlebars are adjustable on both the vertical and horizontal planes, allowing you to tailor it to accommodate all users, regardless of height, arm length, and other physical characteristics. The handlebars also come with time trial extensions, which incorporate a shelf where you can mount a tablet for using the bike with one of the many spin bike apps out there (including Wattbike’s own). And, yes, you can swap out the handlebars in favor of any 26mm model you own, if you prefer that.

It has 22 gears, with the option to provide both automatic and manual resistance levels, so you can control exactly how challenging the ride goes or push through whatever challenge the machine presents. There’s also a climb mode that simulates the ride up a gradient of up to 25 percent, although the lack of a motor means there’s no way to mimic the unique challenges of downhill riding.


The Wattbike Atom’s biggest claim to fame is its fluidity, with many who have tried it praising how it manages to recreate the feel of a regular road bike. According to reviews, in fact, it feels this way, whether you’re riding comfortably on the saddle or powering through a steep incline while standing on the pedals, so those who want that road bike will definitely be wise to consider this as their exercise bike of choice. At almost 100 pounds, though, this thing is quite heavy, so it’s not the kind of bike you’ll want to find a permanent space for somewhere in your home.


It has Bluetooth for pairing with phones and tablets, as well as ANT+ and Polar compatibility, so you can use it with other sensors. While designed to work with the current generation of training apps wirelessly (e.g. Trainer Road and Zwift), the stationary trainer can be used offline, with controls right on the handlebars to make all the necessary adjustments. Do note, you’ll have to pair the bike to the app when it’s first used as part of the setup, as you won’t get the full complement of features until you do so.

The Wattbike Atom is available now, priced at $2,599.

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