Vizio Smartcast P-Series UHD-TV Remember when a 50-inch 4K TV with Dolby Vision HDR, Google Cast, and more would cost several grand? Not anymore with Vizio's budget-friendly P-Series.


When you’re shopping for a great TV, while trying to stay within a limited budget, the answer has always been straightforward.  Buy a Vizio.  But what if you want an ultra-HD TV with HDR, built-in streaming, and every new AV tech buzzword your head can remember?  With the new Smartcast P-Series, we guess the answer’s still the same: buy a Vizio.

Starting at $999 for the base 50-inch model, the new series is highly-affordable for what it brings to the table.  That is, a smart TV with a full 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR for enriched brightness and vibrance, and full array LED backlighting to deliver intense luminosity.  It’s also got a dedicated engine for sharpening onscreen content, a spatial scaling engine for upscaling HD content to 4K, and an effective refresh rate of up to 240 Hz for consistently smooth and clear pictures.


The Vizio Smartcast P-Series comes with Google Cast, the same technology used in Mountain View’s Chromecast streaming dongle. Instead of streaming content from a phone app, though, it comes with a 6-inch tablet remote running Android 6 Lollipop, where you can download apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more for streaming content that you can watch on the bigger screen.  With built-in dual-band WiFi and a V8 octa-core SOC, this thing should play any content from your favorite online sources without a hitch.  Oh yeah, the Google Cast tech means there are no preloaded apps cluttering the interface like other smart TV offerings, as everything is relegated to the included remote.


Four TVs are currently available in the Vizio Smartcast P-Series line, ranging from 50- to 75-inches.  Check them out from the link below.