Uthermic Coldscreen This moisturizing lotion helps prevent heat from leaving your body through the skin, allowing you to stay warmer without adding another layer of clothing.


Just like sunscreen, the Coldscreen is a lotion that you rub onto your skin. Unlike it, the product is designed for cold-weather use, helping you stay warm in the midst of freezing temperatures.

No, it won’t quite let you prance around in the snow naked. According to creator UThermic, though, the lotion should help you stay 11 degrees Celsius warmer when rubbed on your skin, allowing you to wear the exact same winter outfit you normally do, all while feeling toastier than last time. That’s significant enough to potentially let you skip a layer of garment, too, so you can reduce an uncomfortably bulky ensemble.


Coldscreen’s active ingredients create a thin layer of barrier on the skin that’s designed to help retain the body’s natural heat a lot more efficiently, all while providing moisturizing benefits that will prevent dry skin and leave it with a silky feeling. It does this without impeding the body’s ability to sweat, so you can still ski, snowboard, and perform any physical activity without overheating. Designed to act fast, it immediately delivers extra warmth within 15 minutes or less of use, with each application able to stay potent for up to four hours, so you can spend half the day hiking while getting an extra boost to keep you warm.

Application is the same as any regular moisturizer, with no special tools or preparations required. Do note, the lotion is only for use in non-sensitive parts of the skin. That means, the arms, torso, and legs are fair game, but the face and more delicate areas are best left to fend for themselves in the cold.

The UThermic Coldscreen is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with an estimated January ship date. Pledges to reserve a bottle starts at $15.