Turnbull & Asser Rockland Shirt Colorful beach shirts with garish prints? Yikes. Try this classier interpretation of the ubiquitous beach garment from Turnbull & Asser instead.


Those collared beach shirts with their floral prints are cool, but they’re not exactly the kind of garments you’ll wear when trying to look like a sophisticated man of the world. And, no, wearing a tailored suit while drinking at a beach bar just looks uncomfortable.  If you want to keep your man-about-town vibe while dressing comfortably on the sand, Turnbull & Asser’s Rockland Shirt should make for a killer pick.

Based on one of the company’s archive designs called “Garment 57,” it’s billed as a “luxury interpretation” of the classic beach shirt. You know, the kind of shirt you see retirees wearing while lounging along the beach bars in Hawaii (disclaimer: I’ve never been to Hawaii), which, you know, probably isn’t the look you want to go for.

The Turnbull & Asser Rockland Shirt is a short-sleeved collared shirt, with a slim but comfortable fit that tapers from top to bottom.  Instead of garish and colorful island prints, the navy cotton shirt comes patterned with small dots, so it still feels casual while giving off a smart and refined vibe.  Two chest pockets give you places to stash both your wallet and sunglasses, while piping along the hems give the shirt more body when inspected up close.  Features include a “resort collar” to further reinforce the beach-ready theme, two branded collar stays, and thermally-fused mother-of-pearl buttons that will never loosen with wear.

Available now, the Turnbull & Asser Rockland Shirt is priced at £165.