Turnbull & Asser Flordon Mac Jacket A raincoat made entirely from linen? Sounds preposterous, but that's exactly what Turnbull & Asser did with their version of the iconic Mackintosh raincoat.


Over the years (well, centuries), the Mackintosh jacket has gone from a specific brand of rainy day garment to an iconic style replicated by fashion brands all over the world. Turnbull & Asser’s version of the quintessential raincoat, called the Floydon Mac, is one of our recent favorites, combining the functional silhouette of the iconic piece with quite the unusual rainy day material.

Like traditional Macs, the jacket is designed to shield you in the thick of the rainiest days, ensuring you can make it to work completely dry, with your dapper outfit fully intact. It’s quite the faithful version of the classic, too, recreating the length and general styling elements that has made the Mac such an enduring style.


The Turnbull & Asser Flordon Mac separates itself from similarly-inspired raincoats with the use of linen as the fabric material. Yes, linen – a linen fabric with a micro-tooth motif, to be exact. Don’t worry, it comes with a waterproof technical coating that retains the fabric’s lightweight and breathable properties, while rendering it impervious to downpours. Granted, linen probably isn’t the best for keeping warm, but if all you’re worried about is the rain and not so much the cold, this thing should definitely do the trick.

Oh yeah, using linen gives it the added advantage of being extremely packable, making it easy to throw inside your Double Briefcase for bringing to the office when the weather forecast says rain might come later in the day. It comes unlined, with a regular fit that should accommodate a decent amount of layers.

Available in navy, the Turnbull & Asser Flordon Mac is priced at £795.

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