Triggerpoint Impact Massage Gun Percussive massagers are great, but they're expensive as heck. This $200 powered massager changes that.

Percussive massage tools are great. They relax your muscles, treat aches, and speed up recovery without the work required when using therapy balls and foam rollers. Problem is, the darn things are expensive, usually coming in at around $500. The Triggerpoint Impact Massage Gun changes that.

Coming in at less than half the price of typical percussion massagers, the device comes in a form factor similar to the Hyperice Hypervolt, so you should be able to do the same massages and reach all the same muscle parts. Whether you need to loosen up before a workout or alleviate soreness after a grinding routine, this thing will prove to be a handy addition to anyone’s gym bag.

The Triggerpoint Impact Massage Gun is a handheld percussive massager, equipped with a fixed universal massage head that, the outfit claims, is optimized for use with different muscle groups while being easy to use.  That means, you won’t be able to swap to different specialty heads, which, we guess, would be the primary tradeoff for the much lower price, although it shouldn’t hamper its operation that much, considering most people stick with the universal head anyway. But yeah, you’ll be missing those specialized heads if you prefer the feel of more pointed tips digging into your muscles.

It has a brushless motor that, the outfit claims, can operate with relatively little noise. As in, it’s quiet that you can supposedly hold a conversation with someone right next to you while this thing is running. That means, you can blast your quads with a vibrating massage to loosen them up while discussing the day’s workout program with your trainer. Other features include an angled handle for a balanced grip, four speed settings, and a battery rated for two hours.

The Triggerpoint Impact Massage Gun is available now.

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