Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Shorts Billed as “swim-friendly running shorts,” Tracksmith's latest is designed to dry in a jiffy, so you can run, swim, and run back again without a hitch.


When you go on your daily runs, do you occasionally pass by a body of water and spontaneously decide to dive in? Probably not. Just in case you do, however, Tracksmith has you covered with the Run Cannonball Run, a pair of running shorts that’s designed to serve as equally-capable swimwear.

Billed as “swim-friendly running shorts,” the garment is designed to perform its best during your runs, keeping you flexible whether you’re taking laps around the oval, the city, or the backwoods trail. Unlike regular running shorts, though, it’s designed to stay as high-performing even when wet, so you can take a quick dip in a nearby stream to cool off before resuming your endurance run through the trail without the shorts getting in the way.


The Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Shorts is made from a polyster-elastane blend with a hydrophobic finish, allowing it to repel water during runs and dry quickly after coming out of the water. It pairs that fabric with a similarly fast-drying nylon for the liner, so there’s no worry about water hampering your performance, as it’s purpose-designed for those exact situations. The shorts, by the way, embrace the outfit’s familiar aesthetics, complete with a 6-inch inseam, a drawstring closure, and a pair of side pockets for bringing along anything you won’t mind getting wet (no, not your phone).


Available in two colors, the Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Shorts is priced at $98.