Thule Paramount Commuter Backpack Thule's commuting backpack is expandable, versatile, and equipped with bicycle-friendly appointments.

Yes, you can use any backpack to carry your gear during a bike commute. If you want one that will make a ride a whole lot more comfortable, though, it’s a good idea to get a cycling backpack – you know, one that’s specifically built for carrying aboard a two-wheel steed. The Thule Paramount Commuter Backpack is designed to do just that.

Billed as a streamlined commuter pack for everyday riding, the backpack is meant to look as good on the bike as it does on foot, making it suitable for use when going to work, school, or anywhere else you’re spending the day. More than the good looks, it’s expandable, versatile, and equipped with bike-friendly appointments, making it a reliable companion for anyone who uses a bicycle as a daily commuter.

The Thule Paramount Commuter Backpack comes in two sizes, 18-liters and 27-liters, both of which look identical, but bear certain differences. Both have main compartments that can be accessed via the roll top closure, giving you an open chamber for large gear and a zippered pocket for smaller items, along with a floating laptop sleeve that can hold notebook computers up to 16 inches. Zippers on the sides of the 18-liter variant allows you to expand the main compartment’s capacity by up to 50 percent, so you can instantly get a bigger bag when you find the need to carry extra stuff, while the 27-liter uses an expandable main pocket to stash big stuff (like helmets) behind an enclosed shell. This means, the 18-liter can accommodate around 27 liters when needed, so it’s probably a better option compared to the 27-liter model. Do note, the smaller backpack doesn’t come with the expandable front pocket.

There’s also a large side pocket that can hold a water bottle or similarly-sized items, while a dedicated pocket near the bottom lets you keep your phone within easy reach at all times. It also has a number of zippered exterior pockets for keeping your bike lock, wallet, and other personal essentials.

The Thule Paramount Commuter Backpack has integrated ventilation on the back panel and shoulder straps, minimizing the chances of sweating during your commute. The shoulder strap, by the way, is shaped to enhance stability while you’re on the bike, while the sternum strap secures the fit across your torso, eliminating the shakiness you’ll experience with other bags as you pedal briskly on the road. According to the outfit, the combination of the shoulder straps and sternum strap is enough to keep the bag steady, with no need for a hip belt as some other packs would require.

Multiple loops on the exterior allow you to hang items on the bag when you go on foot, such as a helmet, sunglasses, or even a bike lock. Construction is 420D nylon with a weatherized coating, so it’s durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily commuting, while keeping your gear protected even in inclement weather. The 18-liter backpack measures 21 x 12 x 9.5 inches (height x width x depth), while the 27-liter backpack measures 20.5 x 12 x 11 inches.

The Thule Paramount Commuter Backpack is available now, priced starting at $119.95.

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