Thing Fabrics House Sandals Spoil your feet with the same comforting feel of wearing your bathrobe in the morning with these sandals made from cotton terrycloth.

Towels are great. They dry you up, they’re incredibly soft on your skin, and they can warm you up when you feel cold in a pinch. It’s the whole reason why they make bathrobes, which are just towels you can drape around your entire body. Turns out, someone out there thinks your feet deserve those same creature comforts, so they made the Thing Fabrics House Sandals.

Made from the same soft material as your towels and bathrobes, these sandals caress your feet with the same comforting feel, making them a more relaxing alternative to the beach flip-flops, Adidas sandals, or bunny slippers you usually wear at home. Truthfully, we don’t know if they’re more comfortable than your favorite bunny slippers (those things are pretty comfy), but they’re definitely less weird and a heck of a lot more masculine, so we’ll hazard they’ll make a much better fit for a dashing and worldly gentleman of your persuasion. Or something like that.

The Thing Fabrics House Sandals are billed as a modern take on the Japanese house slipper, although we see them more as a plush and snuggly take on the standard beach sandal. Whichever way you end up leaning, the darn thing looks equal parts fun and stylish for lounging in at home. Just like most towels and bathrobes, it’s made from cotton terrycloth, so you get the same softness for comfortably walking around the house and the same absorbent quality for those times your feet sweat when you’re at home.

Because of its towel-like material, the slippers are actually washable unlike your standard flip-flops or sandals, which is great because being a towel means they will probably begin to stink at some point (especially since they absorb sweat from your feet). According to the outfit, you can simply place them in a laundry net for washing with the rest of your laundry. For drying, though, they recommend letting the slippers air-dry, instead of dumping them with the rest of your clothes in the dryer.

The Thing Fabrics House Sandals pair the cotton terrycloth with canvas for the sole, so your slippers won’t be absorbing random wet things on the floor of your home. You know, like your dog’s pee or the beer you spilled last night that you haven’t remembered to wipe down yet because that’s how you roll. Do note, the canvas sole means it’s strictly for indoor use, as it’s probably going to get uncomfortable when you use it even in just your backyard with all the rough surfaces in there.

According to the outfit, the slippers are made in Imabari, Japan, which is a city on Shikoku island known as a manufacturing hub for towels. Seriously, that place has over 100 towel factories, along with a literal Towel Museum of Art, which, according to the internet, celebrates every step of the towel manufacturing process while showcasing towel-based works of art. And yes, it’s supposedly an absolute Instagram-bait.

The Thing Fabrics House Sandals is available now, priced at $80.

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