Tech Dopp Kit Instead of grooming supplies, this dopp kit is designed to carry your tech essentials, keeping your everyday gadget stash within easy reach.


We know, dopp kits are supposed to be for grooming essentials, but if you carry more gadgets than toiletries, then you might as well leave the regular dopp kit at home and hit the road with this Tech Dopp Kit instead. Why brush your teeth when you can spend the next 15 minutes playing EvoCreo?

Made by This is Ground, it’s a zip-up bag that serves as an organizer for all the tech gear you carry  every day. Whether for external hard drives, power banks, handheld consoles, chargers, headphones, cables, or any other gadget you use every day, this bag should house them in a neat and orderly way.


The Tech Dopp Kit comes in two sizes: Grande (9 x 9 x 2.25 inches) and Regular (9 x 4.5 x 2.25). Knowing how much electronics people carry around these days, we’re guessing the larger version will be more appropriate for a lot more folks. It comes equipped with straps for holding down your gear on both sides of the bag, with a central zippered pouch for loose and small items (like styluses or adapter plugs). Truth be told, they could have called this the Tech Bento Box and it would probably have been more appropriate, because you can literally cram in a smorgasbord of gear here. Construction is premium quality leather in one of three finishes: whiskey, French gray, and charcoal.


Available now, the Tech Dopp Kit is priced starting at $150.