Cruger Silver Quarter Coin Rings

You don't have to be a coin collector to appreciate Cruger's gorgeous rings, which are made from bent and molten limited-edition silver quarter coins the US Mint produced back in the early to mid 2000s.

Double Deck Leather Playing Card Case

Sure, you can carry a deck of cards in any random box or pouch you find around the house. If you take pride in your accessories, though, you might find this gorgeous leather card case more suited to your liking.

Wedgewood Rings

If you're thinking of accessorizing with a ring without resorting to shiny bling and loud cocktail designs, Wedgewood's roster of refined-looking wood-and-metal pieces look fit to play the part.

Arcteryx Fission Gore-Tex Gloves

Constructed from a mix of different materials, Arcteryx's winter gloves boast an engineered shape that fits your hands and lets them move naturally, allowing you to work with your hands while keeping things dry and toasty underneath.

Effector Gizmo Optical Glasses

Built to last, Effector's newest music-inspired eyeglass silhouette is fashioned from hand-cut and hand-shaped acetate, with the frame and temples joined together by rock-strong seven barrel hinges.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

A large, bulky billfold is great if you carry plenty of cash and cards. If you prefer to keep things down to the bare essentials, though, Bellroy's ultra-slim wallet should make for a more suitable EDC accessory.

Carbon6 Belt – No Holes, No Visible Flaps

With no holes and no visible flaps, this carbon fiber friction belt sports a clean and minimalist profile that should blend in with most any outfit, making for the perfect accessory to hold up your pants when you want to dress up with a no-nonsense, all-business vibe.

Electric Knoxville S Sunglasses

A sport version of one of Electric's most popular models, these sunglasses reinforce the versatility of the original with performance-focused enhancements that allow it to be comfortably worn during rigorous activities.

Octovo Dopp Kit

Octovo's tri-fold dopp kit comes with multiple compartments for organizing your sundry items, along with a leather exterior that makes it look right at home with a leather briefcase and a three-piece business suit.

Nava Design Milano Briefcase

Nava Design's simple and elegant briefcase brings an essential style that will match every dapper business attire with equal aplomb, all while packing enough slots to accommodate every gear you need to get any deal done.

Redland London Pantone Bags

Sometimes, a different color is all you need to make an accessory stand out. Different is exactly what Redland London brings with the bags in their latest collection, which come decked in vibrant and attention-grabbing pantone colors.

Carter Shoulder Holster

Bringing a tablet to work? Forget the bag and use these clip-on suspenders from Carter Gear, which come with an integrated leather holster on the left strap for carrying tablets up to 8 inches in size.

Nomad Wallet Charges Your iPhone

Nomad makes the wallet an even more indispensable part of your EDC gear by packing it with an integrated 2,400mAh battery that you can use to charge a dead iPhone 6S back to 100 percent.

MistR Atomizer

This ultra-convenient perfume atomizer lets you carry 80 sprays of your favorite fragrance on a card slot in your wallet, making it ideal for both everyday use and extended trips.