Stromer ST2 S Electric Bicycle With a 500-watt motor, consistently-distributed torque, and a whole load of high-tech talents, this e-bike just might be the most advanced we've seen.


We’re not entirely sure how we feel about the Stromer ST2 S. While it’s a darn good-looking electric bicycle that packs some downright impressive specs, it also costs close to five figures. I mean, you can get a darn good motorcycle (e.g. Yamaha’s XSR900) for that money. If you want the best two-wheeled pedal-assist steed money can buy, though, Stromer’s latest model just might be good enough to make the expense worthwhile.

First, it looks great. With a wider than usual frame and some less than traditional style elements, it feels appropriately futuristic. It also feels like an e-bike that was designed from the ground up, rather than a regular bike that’s been retrofitted with electrical components to function as one.


The Stromer ST2 S is a pedal-assist electric bike, with the motor automatically kicking in as soon as you start pedaling, It has three levels of assisted pedal mode, allowing you to reach maximum speeds of up to 28 mph. Armed with a 500-watt Syno-Drive hub motor, it boasts powerful torque that’s consistently distributed throughout the ride, whether you’re going from standstill to 10 mph or pushing it from mid-speed to the maximum pace. That makes for a really satisfying experience that, truth be told, you just can’t get from any other e-bike in the market.

Features include a 983Wh battery (up to 120 miles per charge), an LED touch screen on the top tube (displays speed, distance, and charge time),  Shimano Di2 electronic shifting, 1×11 drivetrain, Magura MT5 disc brakes, and Supernova M99 Pro headlight that delivers a whopping 1,600 lumens. Oh yeah, it comes with an accompanying app that allows you to lock the rear wheel remotely, as well as a theft-deterrence mode that shuts down the motor, flashes the headlight (talk about attention-grabber), and tracks it via GPS.

Available now, the Stromer ST2 S is priced at $9,490.