Stanley 5000-Lumen Work Light This 5000-lumen work light has three adjustable heads, allowing you to brighten up a workspace in versatile ways.


Good lighting is one of the most important things when doing any kind of handyman work. Without it, you can end up drilling in the wrong place, loosening the wrong nut, or driving a hammer directly into your thumb. Yeah, you want any workspace to be properly illuminated. That’s exactly what the Stanley 5000-Lumen Work Light brings to your tool bag.

A handy work light, it’s small enough to carry in hand while you move around a worksite, all while packing enough brightness to illuminate even larger work areas. It’s versatile, too, with multiple set up options once you get to the work site, allowing it to shine its light exactly where it’s needed.


The Stanley 5000-Lumen Work Light comes with three heads – a main one that’s attached to the base and two smaller heads on either of its sides. The main head can be tilted forwards and backwards, so you can vary the angle to get the light to beam up or beam down, as necessary, while the other two can be angled forwards and backwards separately, so you can have them illuminate different areas for covering different spaces where you intend to work. It has a wide and deep base, by the way, so this should be very stable even on less than flat surfaces, while a carry handle on top lets you hang it on a hook if it can set up much better that way.

A two-step dimmer allows you to set it at either 50 percent or 100 percent, so you don’t have to waste power if you don’t need it, as you can use lower brightness if that’s all the work requires. The LEDs are integrated, by the way, so you won’t be able to replace them, although Stanley claims these are meant to last a long time, considering you’ll only use them when doing work in low-light areas. No details, though, on the exact lifespan of the built-in LEDs.


The Stanley 5000-Lumen Work Light has a built-in power supply, making it very safe to use, with an included five foot cord, so you should be able to get it to plug to a nearby wall outlet in most situations. It’s water-resistant, too, so you can use it to work in bathrooms, flooded basements, and outdoors during rainy days without any worries of damaging the lighting unit. They even put in a 5V USB and a 120V AC outlet, so you can plug in your phone and power tools directly on the work light, allowing it to serve as a handy power extension. Seriously, those outlets may seem like small things, but they’re incredibly convenient solutions for any work site.


Dimensions are 16.1 x 13.4 x 8.5 inches (width x height x depth) with the head in a perfectly vertical position, although it folds to a flat form factor for transport, making it easy to integrate into any toolbag. It weighs just 6.1 pounds.

The Stanley 5000-Lumen Work Light is available now.

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