Spurcycle Key Clip Tired of your keys digging into your legs every time you take your bike to work? Stop putting keys in your pocket and clip them on a belt loop instead.


When you ride a bicycle, where do you keep your keys? If you’re wearing a cycling jersey, those pockets in the back should make for a convenient place to stash them. If you aren’t, then they’re likely in your pocket, occasionally digging into your legs while you pedal away to your destination. It’s annoying. The Spurcycle Key Clip is a keychain designed to keep that from happening.

Instead of being dumped in your pocket, it’s designed to clip onto a belt loop, holding your keys just inside the top edge of the pocket where you can tuck it in place. That way, the keys won’t have a chance of digging into your quadriceps and hamstrings, all without dangling loosely and making noises throughout a ride.


The Spurcycle Key Clip is made from quarter-inch stainless steel, with a clip on one end and a key loop on the other.  It measures 2.8 inches long, so it should cover most of the ground from the belt loop to the pocket, whether you keep your keys in front or on the back. That also makes it small enough to conveniently fit inside your cycling jersey’s pocket, so you can put it there during days you’re decked in full riding regalia. Features include a rough-tumbled finish for an industrial aesthetic, an integrated bottle opener for enjoying a cold bottle after a long day of riding, and a laser-cut construction.


Available now, the Spurcycle Key Clip is priced at $34.