Specialized Alibi Sport EQ Bicycle Designed for folks who hate doing maintenance work on their bicycles, this city commuter boasts puncture-proof tires and an anti-rust chain.


Some people enjoy tinkering with their bicycle, swapping out parts, playing with the gearing, and doing all sorts of grimy maintenance stuff. Others just want a bike they can ride to work, to the park, or to the nearby convenience store without having to worry about doing repairs on the road. The Specialized Alibi Sport EQ is built for that second group of riders.

Designed to eliminate the most common bicycle maintenance problems, the bike comes with puncture-proof airless tires and an anti-rust chain, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about either of those things.  While problems beyond that can still arise, it should drastically limit the amount of issues you’ll encounter, ensuring you’ll spend more time piloting that two-wheel steed than working on it in the garage.

The Specialized Alibi Sport EQ is rigged as a commuter bike, with a light and durable frame ensuring you can ride it with relative ease. It comes with the outfit’s Fitness Geometry, which allows for a relatively speedy bike while putting the rider in a non-aggressive riding position to ensure your commutes go smoothly and comfortably. Two frame styles are available, standard and step-through, both of them cut in formed tubes made from lightweight aluminum. Features include 8-speed gearing, linear pull V-brakes both front and back, a Milano saddle, and mounts on both the rack and fender for comfortably carrying extra cargo.

Available now, the Specialized Alibi Sport EQ is priced at $600.