Sony A7s II The new Sony A7s II adds full-frame 4K video recording to its monster ISO sensitivity, so you can take those low-light shots in ultra-high definition.


Since its release last year, the Sony A7s has impressed photography enthusiasts with its ability to shoot decent footage even in the darkest environments. And while the new Sony A7s II doesn’t really improve much on the original’s ultra-high sensitivity, it does bring the camera to future-proof territory by reinforcing it with 4K video recording.

Not content with the 1080p last year’s model topped out at, the new camera boasts 4K recording in full-frame format.  It does that without the use of pixel binning, too, which can create image artifacts that you don’t really want to deal with when you’re spending this much money on a camera. It also throws in an array of advanced movie functions, including picture profile tone adjustment, time code/user bit precision editing, and gamma-display assist.


The Sony A7s II houses the same 12-megapixel, 35mm Exmor sensor as its predecessor, with the same ISO range that goes from 100-469,600 to 50-409,600. It now incorporates Sony’s vaunted five-axis image stabilization tech that can compensate for five types of camera shakes (vertical, horizontal, pitch, roll, and yaw) that can happen when you’re shooting videos by hand, so you can maximize shutter speed and ISO settings without worrying about inviting more blurs.


There’s also a new 169-point autofocus system that works twice as fast as its predecessor during movie recording, ensuring you can capture moving subjects in clearer and more accurate ways. Other features include 120 fps full HD recording (perfect for slo-mos), easier exposure adjustment, and XAVC S format for optimizing the size of 4K videos with minimal compression noise.

Slated for availability in October, the Sony A7s II is priced at $3,000.