Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones Sennheiser's flagship wireless headphones finally get a modern update and it's packed with all the latest tech you can ask for.


Sennheiser’s flagship wireless headphones may be getting long in the tooth for the category, but they remain highly-lauded for their excellent sound quality. If you’ve steered clear so far because you prefer the latest tech in your ear cans, you might want to jump ship now with the release of the new Sennheiser Momentum Wireless.

That’s right, the outfit just refreshed their flagship wireless cans, retaining the same standout sound while incorporating new features to keep them hip with the times. From much-improved noise cancellation and all-new ambient sound settings to USB-C charging and Bluetooth, it’s a legitimately modern pair of headphones with Sennheiser’s signature quality sound.


The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless retain a similar styling to the previous generation, so you get the same clean and refined aesthetics, albeit with enough notable details that you can still easily tell them apart. According to the outfit, the audio hardware has been fine-tuned to reproduce the balanced depth and precision of studio-quality sound, with early reviews unanimously praising it for having one of the best sound profiles among the current crop of wireless headphones.  Suffice to say, you won’t be disappointed by the way it delivers sound.

The big story with the new headphones are the features it packs, which brings it up to par with what’s currently in the market. The active noise cancellation, for instance, now comes with three settings, allowing you to tailor how aggressive it needs to be, depending on your environment. A transparent hearing function is also available, allowing you to let a certain amount of ambient sound in, so you’re not completely oblivious to what’s going on in your vicinity, making it useful for those times you actually want to hear when a car’s about to hit you in the street.


With voice assistants becoming more ubiquitous, the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless now comes with a dedicated button to automatically activate your AI of choice, with support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri alike. There’s also a proximity sensor, which will start and stop your music depending on whether you’re wearing the headphones or not, as well as a smart pause function that automatically puts you music on pause as soon as it detects you’ve removed the headphones. There’s no power button on this thing, by the way, with the headphones turning off automatically only when they’re collapsed and automatically coming to life as soon as they’re unfolded. For those who prefer physical buttons, you’ll be glad to know playback control is done using three tactile buttons, with no option for gestures as many other headphones today.

It has a built-in 330mAh battery that can keep it running for up to 17 hours of music playback, with all-new USB-C charging, so it should charge up much faster than the model’s previous iterations. Other details include Bluetooth 5, NFC, a companion app where you can fiddle with all the settings, and a premium build, featuring a leather head band, matte steel arms, and comfortably padded ear cups.

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless is available now, priced at $399.95.

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