RocketFire Fire Starter This gas torch outputs a whopping 25,000 BTUs, allowing you to light up any pile of charcoal or logs in seconds.

There’s no shortage of ways to light up the charcoal in your grill or the logs in your fire pit. From matches and lighters to gas torches and electronic fire starters, there are plenty of things you can use. The RocketFire, however, vows to start fires faster than any of those other options.

Billed as “the fastest fire starter on the market,” it’s a gas torch that, the outfit claims, can ignite any biomass pile in mere seconds with no additional kindling or liquid fuel involved. Whether it’s charcoal in your grill, chopped wood in the fire pit, or logs on your campfire, this thing streamlines getting a fire going by setting them ablaze in a jiffy. Yes, you can use it to quickly light up your boyfriend’s clothes, too, in case you catch him cheating in your bed with the neighbor’s wife. Or something.

The RocketFire is a torch that attaches to any of the small propane canisters used for camping, allowing you to bring it by hand to any part of your home. Once hooked up, it uses the gas to put out a whopping 25,000 BTUs for quickly igniting anything in its path, so you don’t to play around with this thing, as you can probably burn people’s entire faces off with that much heat. It does all that heating with the use of a patented tri-flame cone design that creates a 60-degree spread in three directions, allowing the flame to reach further than any other torch in the market. With three separate flames bringing that level of heat, it sets, pretty much, anything on fire in short order, eliminating the minutes-long wait you typically endure to get a steady fire going.

According to the outfit, pressing the ignition button will immediately get that three-headed fire monster going, creating a sound that, they claim, is reminiscent of the roar of a rocket (hence, the name). We’re guessing, it sounds similar to those commercial burners in restaurants when they’re stir-frying that makes this angry, rumbling sound as the flame engulfs the bottom of the wok. Yeah… that’s satisfying.

While the RocketFire’s 25,000 BTUs will let you set fires extremely quickly, it’s also bound to use up those propane canisters pretty fast. As such, you’ll only get between 50 and 70 lights from a standard camp-sized canister. If you don’t like staring at your wood for minutes waiting for the darn thing to get a fire going, though, it’s probably worth it. Construction, by the way, is stainless steel for the cone tip, with the wand cut in a combo of steel, brass, and carbon fiber, so everything here should be durable enough to withstand all the hazards your backyards and campsites can throw its way.

Do you need this? Probably not. Chances are, you’ve been setting grills and fire pits aflame with a whole lot less heat. Truth be told, though, who doesn’t want a fire starting torch in their arsenal that’s so hot that darn thing sounds like a roaring dragon? So yeah, you don’t need it, but you definitely want one.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the RocketFire. You can reserve yourself a unit for pledges starting at $79.

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