Revel Solar-Powered Camp Light Delivering 350 lumens, these solar-powered string lights can light up your camp for up to 20 hours then recharge as soon as the sun comes up.


It’s hard to survive the outdoors if you can’t see what’s going on, that’s why a lantern is an indispensable addition to any camping pack. Problem is, most lanterns take a good amount of room, making them a problem when you’re trying to keep bulk to a minimum. The Revel Solar-Powered Camp Light offers an alternative.

Styled like Christmas lights, the lighting system bundles a series of LEDs on a string, so you can hang them around any part of camp that requires illumination. While string lights aren’t exactly super compact, it does offer flexibility in storage, giving you more options during packing.


The Revel Solar-Powered Camp Light comes with a 5.5V solar panel and an 1800mAh battery, which should accommodate enough charge to power the lights for up to 20 hours. Since it’s designed for outdoor use, the lights are weatherized (IP65 waterproof rating), ensuring you can keep them wherever they’re hanging even in the middle of inclement weather. Do note, the solar panel can only charge it for one hour’s worth of power for every hour of sun exposure, so the amount of power you can harvest throughout the day should depend on how long daylight sticks around.


A light sensor automatically switches the lights on whenever it gets dark, so you’ll need to disconnect it from the battery if you’d rather use the campfire for light to save power. It measures 20 feet long, with 120 high-efficiency LEDs throughout its length providing 350 lumens of brightness.

Available now, the Revel Solar-Powered Camp Light is priced at $69.99.