Ressence Type 5 Watch This dive watch uses an unusual oil-immersed movement and dial that enables visibility at any angle even while exploring the deep sea.


It’s unlikely that the Ressence Type 5 looks like any dive watch you’ve previously seen. That’s all well and good because it also works like no dive watch you’ve previously seen.

Billed as “the ultimate gentleman diver’s watch,” it’s the first mechanical watch to be perfectly readable at any angle when submerged in depths, making it more functional than most any other tool watch for underwater exploration. Whether you’re snorkeling, diving, or drowning (hopefully not, but just in case), you should be able to perfectly read the time without having to look at it from a straight angle.


Unlike other dive watches, the Ressence Type 5 doesn’t use an oversized case and a thick glass to protect the internal components. Instead, it uses the company’s oil technology, which immerses the entire watch, including the dial, in 37.5 ml of oil to compensate for the water pressure when you take the watch to immense depths. Aside from that, using oil to project the markers up to the crystal’s surface actually cancels out any light reflection, enabling the ability to read the dial from any angle. Plus, being immersed in oil should keep all 142 components properly lubricated at all times.


Features include a 46mm case, lightweight titanium construction, blue and green luminova to ensure visibility even in the dark, and domed sapphire crystals both top and bottom. If you’re wondering where the crown is, there’s none, as you’re supposed to use the case back for winding and setting the time.

The Ressence Type 5 is available now, priced at $28,700.