Redverz Solo Expedition Tent A redesigned version of Redverz's classic motorcycle tent, this leaner version packs small and light while still giving you a sleeping area and a garage.


Regular tents are great for camping, but when you’re hitting the trails with a cruiser in tow, you’ll want your roaring beast of burden properly sheltered from the elements, too. That’s when you pull out the Redverz Solo Expedition Tent, which combines a single-person sleeping area with a motorcycle garage.

A redesigned version of the outfit’s motorcycle tent, which was the first ever of its kind in the industry, it’s leaner, trimmer, and more compact. That means, it packs smaller and lighter for easier transport, all while still supplying enough room to accommodate a camper and a fully-loaded adventure bike.


The Redverz Solo Expedition Tent has a sleeping area measuring 90 x 41 inches, with a spacious garage sized to fit a touring bike with a pannier on the tail. While designed to put a roof over a bike, you can also use the garage as a shed for preparing meals, dressing game, and performing repairs on the road. It comes with a flow-through venting system to keep the sleeping area cool, with a flexible hoop design that allows it to stay stable in high wind conditions.


Features include a rectangular floor plan that maximizes space, dual ground sheets (one each for the sleeping area and garage), two J-doors with a mesh panel, and anodized aluminum poles. When packed down, it measures 21 x 7 inches (length x diameter) and weighs 12 pounds.

Available now, the Redverz Solo Expedition Tent is priced at $449.