RadMini Electric Folding Bike More than a handy commuter ride, this folding electric bike is rigged for heavy-duty cargo transport on any terrain.


We love the convenience of electric bikes. Same with the urban-friendly size of folding bikes. So you can’t fault us for loving the RadMini, an electric folding bike that’s duly-equipped for some heavy-duty function.

With its electric drivetrain and folding design, the bike should serve as a handy commuter vehicle for everyday use. You can ride it straight to work, keep it in the boot of the car for the last mile after parking, or even stow it folded under the desk at your office – simply put, it brings a lot of versatility to your commuting options.


Beyond that, though, Rad Power Bikes equipped the RadMini with fat tires and heavy duty racks both front and back, making it equally capable as a cargo bike you can ride even in rough terrains. Its 4-inch wide tires should easily handle rocky trails, sandy beaches, and grassy lawns, with the dual racks allowing you to transport a full load of grocery in a single trip.  It’s got some satisfying power, too, with the 750-watt electric motor allowing it to run at top speeds of up to 20mph (and, yes, you can use the motor without pedaling for a lazy day around town).


Features include a seven-speed Shimano drivetrain, 180mm front and 160mm rear disk brakes, LED lights both front and rear, and 20-inch tires. It comes in two frame colors: white and black.

Available now, the RadMini Electric Folding Bike is priced at $1,499.