Pyle Vertical Bluetooth Turntable Mixing retro aesthetics with modern tech, this turntable combines a rustic-looking wooden body and rotary knobs with a vertical platter.


No, we doubt a vertical turntable will play your records any better than a conventional record player. If you care about how your setup looks at home, though, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate the Pyle Vertical Bluetooth Turntable a whole lot better.

Billed as a “vintage-style” turntable, the rig comes with a rustic-looking wooden body and old-time looking rotary knobs, although the vertical orientation of the platter does banish any nostalgic notion it might evoke. Simply put, we doubt your grandpa had a player like this, although the vintage affectations does give it a warmer and more inviting aesthetic.


The Pyle Vertical Bluetooth Turntable uses a belt-drive mechanism and a ceramic cartridge, complete with an RCA output for hooking up to your speaker system, so it’s as old-school as turntables get. It comes with three speed settings, too, so it should handle all your records, whether it’s 45s, 78s, or 33-1/3s. Of course, it’s more modern than old-school, since aside from the vertical spinner, it also gets dual built-in speakers, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity (you can stream music to the integrated speakers), and even a USB slot for plugging in a thumb drive filled with your MP3s and WMA files (maximum capacity of 32GB).


Available now, the Pyle Vertical Bluetooth Turntable is priced at $120.

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