Prometheus Design Werx EDTC This affordably-priced travel case can hold two glasses, two multi-tools, two watches, or any two of your favorite EDC gear.

At first glance, it looks like any eyewear case. You know, the kind with a clamshell form factor, equal room on both sides, and just the right size for portable handling, so you can take your sunglasses along anywhere you go. Except, the Prometheus Design Werx EDTC is designed to hold much more than your wayfarers and aviators.

For one, it’s not designed to hold one item. Instead, the equally generous volume capacity on either side means you can carry two items at any time. You know, like two sunglasses, two multi-tools, or one of each on the same compact travel case, making it an excellent way to bring two of your favorite EDC gear.

The Prometheus Design Werx EDTC is a thermo-molded travel case that measures 6.25 x 2.38 x 2.1 inches (width x depth x height), making it ideal for holding watches, pocket knives, and similarly-sized items. It’s semi-rigid, so it can safely bend and twist when stashed inside a crowded backpack, all while being unlikely to break when you accidentally drop it from tall heights. And yes, it should offer an extra layer of protection to keep your gear from taking damage whenever you’re in transport.

Each side of the clamshell case is perfectly sized to take one pair of eyewear each, without them moving around while the case sits inside your backpack. Two included EVA foam bumpers can be placed on each side of the shell, by the way, allowing it to fit items, such as 42mm watches and multi-tools in a similarly flush manner, with the foam filling out extra space along the edges. To ensure the two item contents don’t end up scratching each other, it also includes an EVA foam divider to keep your two watches, two sunglasses, or two multi-tools apart.

The Prometheus Design Werx EDTC has a zippered opening, so there’s very little chance of having the darn thing accidentally open, while a 600D nylon oxford cover makes the whole thing look a lot more presentable. It’s lined with a Hiviz no-scratch material, so it should be soft and gentle on whatever item you put inside, while a flame orange color should make anything you put in the chamber easily stand out. The best part? This thing is small enough to take very little space in most luggage, allowing you to use them for taking two watches, two glasses, two pocket knives, and a whole lot of other pairs of gear during your travels.

What else can you carry in these things other than watches, pocket tools, folders, and eyewear? Anything you want that will fit, pretty much. Use one to carry your GoPro, along with any mounts you have along; turn one into a pen case to hold all your writing instruments; or turn one into a toolbox to hold an assortment of small wrenches, drivers, and fasteners. Basically, anything you have in mind, this thing should work just fine.

The best part? The Prometheus Design Werx EDTC is extremely affordable, priced at just $15.

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