Pointer Brand Brown Duck Barn Coat This classic coat will look just as at home while you drive a side-by-side in a farm on Iowa as it does when you walk through the busy streets of NYC.


Paired with the right shirt and pants, the classic American barn coat can make you look either rugged or refined. It’s that versatility that has made it a style staple, whether it be in rural America or various metropolitan cities the world over. This Brown Duck Barn Coat from Pointer Brand is a perfect example of the classic working man’s outerwear.

Made in the US, the garment embraces the classic loose and comfortable barn coat shape, so it looks just as natural when worn out in the farm as it does on the sidewalks of NYC. Even better, it should function just as naturally, too, as it brings the same insulating talents, functional utility, and durable wear as barn coats have been known for throughout the years.


The Pointer Brand Brown Duck Barn Coat is made from 100 percent Brown Duck cotton, with a blanket lining to ensure it gets you warm when the temperatures drop. It comes with two chest pockets (one with snap closure) and two hand warmers, giving you plenty of storage space to hold various items you’ll need for the day. Features include an in-house light enzyme wash for a worn-in look, polished brass buttons, and button cuffs.


Yes, with the classic barn coat fit and the tobacco-like color, you’re guaranteed to look like you’re about to plow the field if you pair it with a dirty pair of jeans and a printed tee. Layer it over a nice button-down, chinos, or some other more stylish fare, though, and you’ll be surprised at how much it can change up a look.

Available now, the Pointer Brand Brown Duck Barn Coat is priced at $155.